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Hebrews 10:32-39 – The Renewed Encouragement to all who persevere

Episode Summary

Check out my children's book here: As was the writer’s custom after the most severe admonitions, the writer chose to conclude their warning with a distinct note of encouragement. The writer starts this section of the warning to provide some historical context in verses 32-34. Why is this important? The author points out that in the past the readers were under persecution and they hung in there. Now the writer is asking them to endure and persevere through it again. As they showed sympathy and acceptance, the writer encourages them to do what they did before. The writer points out that what they lost was not worth as much as they have for themselves. The things that really matter cannot be taken away by any person or government. So they are willing to give up those things because they realize what they have in Christ is much more valuable than that. We start seeing more and more clues about the idea of persecution that is creeping in. In verses 35-36, the author encourages them to keep going. The author recognizes persecution is not easy and they need to have endurance. But the author recognizes they need to keep moving forward, progressing on to maturity, and continue to maintain their confession of faith. In 37-38, we have a quotation from Isaiah 26:21 and Habakkuk 2:4. The author has this expectation of the Lord’s second coming. The only way to go is to live by faith. They cannot shrink back. There is only one way for a believer to go on and that is forward in the faith. This sets up the author’s next section in chapter 11 and how the believer’s kept going (some resulted in martyrdom). Looking forward, the author will point to Jesus as the ultimate example of faithfulness.

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