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Hebrews 10 Overview

Episode Summary

Check out my children's book here: Christ’s sacrifice is permanent. It makes forgiveness possible, gives access to God, and produces people who can endure in righteous living and in love for one another. It develops followers who can face and overcome persecution. Receiving Christ’s sacrifice is so important that anyone rejecting it will find no other means of paying for sins.

Episode Notes

The writer of Hebrews knew that Christians would find power in Christ’s permanent sacrifice. The writer had seen the ineffectiveness of Old Testament sacrifices (Heb. 10:1–4), but the author had also witnessed that Christ’s sacrifice produced long-lasting changes which prompted new life in His followers. Christ’s sacrifice demonstrated a chosen commitment to follow God’s will (10:5–10). His sacrifice did the job because it obtained forgiveness for believer’s in Jesus (10:11–18), unlike the Jewish priests who regularly offered sacrifices which did not remove sin (10:11).

Because Christ’s sacrifice had power to change people, three appeals were given (10:19–25). These believers were urged to draw near to God, to hold fast to their confession and commitment, and to encourage up fellow believers to love and unselfish deeds.

Some of these believers were considering turning away from Christ. They were reminded that abandoning Christ left them without any sacrifice for their sins. Those who left Jesus could expect judgment because they would turn away from the only solution to their sin, the body and blood of Jesus (10:26–31).

The author of Hebrews had strong hope that the readers had made a commitment they would follow (10:32–39). They had faced public humiliation, imprisonment, and loss of property because they had followed Christ. They had endured in doing God’s will. God would honor their faithfulness. Only Jesus could provide struggling believers the grace and strength to move forward in stalwart service to Him.

The same is true for us. God will honor our faithfulness. Whether it is through all the darkest valleys or the wonderful times on top of the mountain, we are to remain faithful. Jesus will give us strength and grace to serve Him in whatever capacity He chooses.

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