Seeking Our God

Hebrews 6:16-20 – The Oath of God and Our Hope

Episode Summary

Check out my children's book here: We use oaths to back up our statements because the promise of a human being is not reliable enough for trust. Jesus urged His followers to be so truthful that humans could trust their “yes” and “no” (Matt. 5:37). The writer of Hebrews followed normal human conventions of requiring an oath to support a promise. People who make official promises need to swear an oath by someone in order to settle the issue. Whenever humans offer oaths, they swear by someone greater than themselves. Since God had no one greater than Himself, He swore by Himself. He based His oath on His own great name, guaranteeing He would accomplish His purpose. Jesus provides uninterrupted access to God’s presence for His children. We will never have an outage of divine power. Jesus’ presence before God fills us with hope, encouragement, and endurance. With the strength we receive from Him, we can find the staying power to endure in our Christian commitment.

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