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Hebrews 6:7-10 – An Agricultural Illustration About Producing Good Fruit

Episode Summary

Check out my children's book: Verses 7-8 use an agricultural illustration to present a spiritual truth. A farmer naturally expects that, given the right conditions of moisture and fertility, the land he/she cultivates will produce a crop. The fruitful ground responds to the conditions which God provides and produces useful results. The “thorny” ground shows that it is unworthy of God’s blessings and produces thickets and briers. A harvest of weeds, thorns, and thistles is fit only for burning. The author knew that their words were both heavy and solemn. The author felt that a word of encouragement was then in order. This pattern—stern warning followed by warm encouragement—has already appeared in the previous warning section (3:1–4:16) which concluded in a distinctly positive manner (4:14–16). Similarly, the writer drew this warning section here to a conclusion that is alive with hope. Verses 9-20 provide this conclusion, however, today we will just look at the first two verses as we start on this encouragement.

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