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Hebrews 7:11-19 – Christ Replaces the Old Priesthood part 2

Episode Summary

Check out my children's book here: Having established Melchizedek’s greatness both personally and in comparison with Abraham and Levi, the writer was ready for a new point. This superiority was needed, since the Law was superseded. The inadequacy of the legal and Levitical systems had to be replaced by something better. To summarize what we will see in this next bigger section of Hebrews 7, we start by asking why does Christ, the priest after Melchizedek’s order, replace the Levitical priesthood? Interpreting Psalms 110:4 phrase by phrase, the author of Hebrews gives the answer: Christ’s priesthood was prophesied (vv. 11-14); His priesthood was based on the power of an endless life (vv. 15-19); the oath of God established Jesus’ priesthood (vv. 20-22); Christ has no successor but continues forever (vv. 23-25). Under this new plan, the law (v. 12) has been replaced by a better hope (v. 19) and a better covenant (v. 22).

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