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Hebrews Chapter 6 Summary

Episode Summary

The Danger of Profession without Possession (vv. 1–8): The author of Hebrews called on the readers to abandon their practice of works which lead to death. The author gave one of the New Testament’s strongest warnings to those who professed their faith in Christ without any other evidence. The writer used an agricultural illustration to clarify the future expectation for those who produced no fruit in their spiritual lives. Evidences of Enduring with Faith in Jesus (vv. 9–12): Despite the author’s strong warning, the writer of Hebrews assured the readers that they saw evidences of genuine Christianity in their lives. Their past and present practice of ministry to God’s people provided evidence of their faith. The writer warned them against spiritual laziness and appealed for them to follow the examples of believers who endured in their faith. Encouragement for Those who Profess Faith in Christ (vv. 13–20): Abraham patiently endured to receive God’s promise of blessing. God had both offered His Word and supported it with an oath and promise to bless those who followed Abraham’s faith. God’s promise provides an anchor for our hope. Christ enters God’s presence as our forerunner to nail down our experience of fellowship.

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