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Hebrews Chapter 7 Review

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Check out my children's book here: The greatness of Melchizedek: A Biblical Example of a High Priest (7:1–10). Melchizedek is presented as a high priest who continually remained to minister to his people. His name carried with it the suggestion of righteousness, and his receiving tithes from and offering blessings to Abraham showed his greatness. The New Priesthood Supersedes the Old (7:11–14). Why did God’s people require a new high priest? The Levitical priesthood could not bring the people to God (v. 11). This sad condition led God to establish Jesus as High Priest in a new order which could genuinely relate people to God (vv. 12–14). The Superiority of the New Priesthood (7:15–28). Why was Jesus’ priesthood for His people so important? God’s oath to establish Jesus as a High Priest gave this office a stronger foundation (vv. 15–22). What God supported with an oath would become a reality. In Jesus we have a permanent priesthood, not one subject to change with the death of the priest (vv. 23–25). Finally, we have in Jesus a High Priest of superior character (vv. 26–28). Jesus is holy, blameless, pure, and set apart from sinners. With a high priest of this quality, believers have an unfailing supply of divine grace.

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