Seeking Our God

Hebrews Chapter 9 Overview

Episode Summary

Check out my children's book here: Brief Outline: chapter nine draws comparisons and contrasts between the Levitical ritual and the priestly work of Christ. The rituals of the old covenant were temporary, inadequate, and ineffective. The work of Christ was permanent, thorough, and sufficient to remove sin permanently. The Earthly Sanctuary and the Heavenly Sanctuary (9:1-15): The physical layout of the tabernacle and the rituals which took place within its sanctuary were temporary and could not provide permanent forgiveness. The ceremonies could not remove sin or cleanse the conscience of the worshiper. The superior sacrifice (9:16-28): Christ’s death was effective because it cleansed the conscience (vv. 11–14), provided full forgiveness (vv. 15–22), and needed no repetition (vv. 23–28). Jesus is currently in the presence of God interceding for us. He is our High Priest and Mediator.

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