Seeking Our God

James 5:7-12 – Patience in Suffering

Episode Summary

From the rich, James turned to the restless. For these, he again used the friendly address, “brethren.” The tone turns from stark condemnation to sensitive consolation. James rebuked the rich but encouraged the receptive. He appealed to his brethren to be patient. The Old Testament prophets and Job also exemplified patience in suffering. The prophets suffered because they spoke in the name of God. In suffering, they demonstrated an incredible capacity for devotion without complaint. He defined the essence of patience, gave some examples of patience, and indicated evidence of patience. Section summary: Christ’s imminent return encourages us to bear sufferings patiently (v. 8). Nor should we let hard times cause us to grumble or be bitter toward our Christian brethren (v. 9). The farmer (v. 7), the prophets (v. 10), and job (v. 11) are models for us of this patient endurance.

Episode Notes


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